The Scan Room is a leading ultrasound services provider delivering high quality solutions in partnership with the NHS Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Groups. As part of the Government’s commitment to increasing choice for patients in NHS-funded services, they have specifically committed to extending patient choice for appropriate services through the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme.

Having an ‘Any Qualified Provider’ status enables The Scan Room to strive to continually offer exceptional ultrasound service. We accept referrals directly from GPs offering patients both choice and speed of access at the right time in the right location for a non-obstetric ultrasound service (NOUS).

The Scan Room see our role as supporting the existing healthcare infrastructure within the NHS, as an opportunity to manifest an opportunistic partnership. Providing innovative solutions alongside the NHS will ensure we complement existing core health services whilst maintaining satisfaction between key stakeholders

GP Direct Access

The Scan Room facilitate AQP booking systems so that GP’s and their patients experience fast and accessible services. By alleviating pressure on secondary and hospitalisation oriented care, we can complement GPs who aim to uphold a strong reputation in the industry.

Process of Referral

Our process of referral is underpinned by a sophisticated booking system that contacts the patient directly, checks the safety and condition, provide specific pre-scan information, carries out the diagnostic scan and develops a bespoke clinical report for the GP to discuss with the patient.

Referral Diagnostics

A non-obstetric ultrasound service (NOUS). General ultrasound includes abdominal, renal tract, pelvis, and transvaginal.

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