Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out sex of your baby from 16 weeks gestation

There are no known adverse affects of medical or obstetric ultrasound scanning

The 3D/4D bonding scan is considered to be safe with very low risks to your baby from the soundwaves used in an Ultrasound scan.

However, due to the potential thermal heating effects which may occur to surrounding tissues, scanning time is limited to a maximum of 20mins.

Also, to keep risk as low as possible we limit all obstetric scans to a maximum of 20 minutes.

The optimum time for a 3D/4D scan is from 26-29 weeks gestation

The number of guests is dependent on the type of scan

For general medical scans you may be accompanied by a single additional guest

Obstetrics and 3D/4D scans you may bring along upto 5 additional guests

You may self-refer for any of our scans, or you may be referred by a qualified medical practitioner

Your scan will be performed by a HCPC registered, fully qualified Sonographer

In the event of an adverse scan finding the sonographer will refer you to an appropriate medical practitioner for further advice, investigations and follow up.

Although every attempt is made to achieve optimal quality images, there are some circumstances which may occur which are beyond the sonographer’s control

Poor fetal position, anterior or placenta and cord lying close to your babies face may reduce the quality of 3D/4D imaging

You will be given individual preparation instructions for each type of scan.

Please make sure that you have checked whether your scan requires a full bladder, fasting for 4 hours or no preparation

2D : This refers to a still, B&W 2D image of your baby

3D : This refers to a still, 3 dimensional image of your baby allowing you to see facial structures and other anatomy such as hands and feet

4D : This refers to a real time visualisation of 3 dimensional imaging allowing you to see your babies facial expressions and movements