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The Scan Room is in an official partnership with the NHS Calderdale and Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group’s. As part of the Government’s commitment to increasing choice for patients in NHS-funded services, the Government have specifically committed to extending patient choice for appropriate services through the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme. The Scan Room is proud to have been awarded the ‘Any Qualified Provider’ status and we will strive to continually offer exceptional service, so you experience the very best every time you will visit us. We will be able to accept referrals directly from GPs offering patients both choice and speed of access at the right time in the right location for a non-obstetric ultrasound service (NOUS).


The Scan Room maintain a unique business relationship with GLEDUS, specialists in Global Education Services. Whilst GLEDUS expand our capacity for marketing, existing synergy between the Healthcare and Education Sector presents exciting opportunities within the partnership.

Future Health Biobank

The Scan Room is excited to have another addition to its partnership portfolio, Future Health Biobank, the UK’s Largest Stem Cell Bank with a presence in more than 75 countries worldwide, making them a true global leader in stem cell banking. Future Health Biobank is passionate about protecting your family’s health, whilst staying at the forefront of present and future innovations. This has led them to store more stem cell samples than all other UK banks combined.

The Birth Sanctuary- Private Midwives

The Scan Room would like to announce an impressive brand new partnership with The Birth Sanctuary, which consists of the best private midwives in the United Kingdom. They are passionate that mothers deserve care in a calm, sensitive and respectful manner which is delivered by highly qualified midwives and experienced healthcare professionals. They offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of women and their families, so whether you are planning to become pregnant, having difficulty conceiving, are currently pregnant or have just birthed your baby, they are happy to help.

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice announces partnership with The Scan Room

Forget Me Not, who support families from pregnancy onwards, has joined forces with The Scan Room.

For families who have received a diagnosis of a life-shortening condition at their 20 week scan or later in the pregnancy, being able to see and record their baby’s facial expressions and movement in-utero is incredibly precious. But a hospital may not be the best place for them to spend time bonding with their unborn child and capturing those precious moments. In the calm surroundings of The Scan Room, they’ll be able to take their time, relax and make the most of the experience.

For families who go on to have another child, The Scan Room will also offer a scan of their ‘rainbow baby’, as Forget Me Not calls them. It can also offer fertility scans for those struggling to conceive after the loss of a child.