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We are an organisation whose success is intertwined with the incredible development of an exclusive Ultrasound service in the West Yorkshire region.

A strong leadership team have contributed to the creation of this company in 2016. An establishment of unique characteristics have propelled The Scan Room to be set amongst the most respected and recognised healthcare brands in the country. Upon entering The Scan Room you will become ‘Our Guest.’ You will feel you have stepped into an upscale contemporary clinic surrounded by modern, state-of-the-art technology. We are a centre for ultrasound excellence providing the most advanced ultrasound scans with service which is on par to the level of a Harley Street clinic.

We are specialists in Medical scanning, Obstetrics/Pregnancy scanning and 3D/4D scanning. Every scan is conducted by a Sonographer. We have assembled a team with unrivalled expertise, experience and diversity to meet the individual needs of our guests. All of The Scan Room Ultrasound practitioners hold a current registration with the Health and Care Professions Council and adhere to the British Medical Ultrasound Society standards for ultrasound professionals.

Our experience within the field of diagnostic ultrasound will ensure guests receive great care in a reassuring environment. The Scan Room is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which reflects our company’s fundamental standards in quality and safety. This is the foundation on which our success has been built.


Our guests have access to The Scan Room’s diagnostic medical scanning service. Gynaecology, pelvic, renal and upper abdominal scans fall under our medical ultrasound umbrella. Gynaecological scans include; Ovarian and Follicle screening as well as Fertility scans. We also have male and female health-check scans to monitor general well-being. As part of our service, a same day report will be provided by our sonographer. Guests have the choice to approach The Scan Room on a self-referral basis or through referral by a qualified medical practitioner.


We perform ultrasound scans at every stage of your pregnancy from viability scans in early pregnancy through to wellbeing and 3D/4D scans in late pregnancy. This enables to visualise the baby’s heartbeat movements as well as identifying further information which includes; an estimated fetal weight, heart rate and 3D/4D visualisation of the baby’s facial expressions and movements. We aim for expectant mothers and their partners to have a memorable and positive experience the moment they arrive into our clinic.

We strongly believe that The Scan Room is the future of Ultrasound Healthcare.

Experience leading Technology

We use state of the art General Electric(GE) Ultrasound
technology for image acquisition


Our Sonographers are HCPC registered and highly experienced.

You can book Online

Use our calendar to contact us initially and confirm a date
and time


On-site Parking and
disabled access

The Scan Room has a commitment and duty to safeguarding which protects people's health, well being and human rights. This is fundamental to ensure high quality health and social care. Our staff have a legal responsibility to raise any safeguarding concerns they may have. Please discuss with management if you require further information.

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Wellfield House | 33 New Hey Road | Huddersfield | HD3 4AL | United Kingdom

The Scan Room Limited is a registered company in England and Wales.
Company Registration No: 10338333 
Care Quality Commission Registration No: 1-3565245323
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